Needle-Free Injection System: Creating a Virtually Pain-Free Experience

  • The J-Tip is a Needle-Free syringe that uses jet injection to propel lidocaine subcutaneously prior to routine needle procedure such as IV starts and blood draws WITHOUT the use of a needle.
  • Once the lidocaine enters the tissue it only takes 1-2 minutes for the anesthetic effect to take place and will last 15-20 minutes.

Why is Needless Injection Necessary?

  • Needle Phobia “affects between 20%-23% of the adult population.”¹
  • “Venipuncture and intravenous (IV) cannula insertions are the two common sources of pain in hospitalized children and health care today.”²
  • Using a needle-free syringe to administer medication to patients as a pre-number for needle insertion can help address the two bullets above.

When can Needless Injection be Used?

When using the J-Tip, there are multiple applications for use with lidocaine:

  • IV Cannulation
  • Blood Draws
  • Lumbar Puncture
  • PICC Insertions
  • Minor Surgical procedures

J-Tips are also used Hospital wide in departments such as:

  • Emergency
  • Pediatrics
  • Vascular Access
  • Radiology
  • Surgery
  • Pre-Op
  • Maternity
  • PICU

When Should the J-Tip Needless Injector NOT be Used?

There are contraindications and precautions when using the J-Tip:

  • Contraindications include:
    • If the patient is allergic to lidocaine.
    • If the patient is undergoing chemotherapy treatment.
  • Precautions include:
    • If the patient is taking any blood thinner or has a blood disorder the J-Tip is not recommended due to the amount of pressure coming from the device and the patients’ ability to clot.
    • If the patient has a portacath. We do not recommend using the J-Tip over a portacath due to the amount of pressure that comes from the J-Tip, as we would not want the port to be compromised in anyway.

*View Instructions for Use before using the J-Tip device.3

How can the J-Tip Needle-Free Injector benefit a hospital?

  • It works quickly and effectively to help improve staffs’ work flow.
  • It is virtually pain free to patients as it is a way to offer anesthetic prior to needle procedures.
  • Multiple studies have shown the J-Tips’ effectiveness when compared to other products.
  • The J-Tip Needle-Free Injector can be a tool used for pain management initiatives by offering patients more options for those wanting anesthesia before needle procedures.

To learn more about the J-Tip Needle-Free syringe visit our website at or call a representative at (949)-768-1147 to schedule a live online webinar to demonstrate how the J-Tip works!


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