• Fast, Effective, Needle Free Anesthesia Delivery

    See how the J-Tip can administer local anesthesia completely needle free.

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  • J-Tip Awarded Innovative Technology Contract

    See why the largest member-owned health care company in the country has designated the J-Tip as an innovative technology product.

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  • Reduce Needle Anxiety
    Increase Patient Satisfaction
    Manage Procedural Pain

    The J-Tip can help provide your patients comfort during IV Starts, Blood Draws, Lumbar Punctures and more.

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  • Ouchless IV Starts in 1-2 Minutes

    Pain management with the J-Tip can help your patients through routine procedures without unnecessary pain or anxiety.

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What is the J-Tip?

The J-Tip is a U.S. FDA cleared, sterile, single use, subcutaneous jet injector indicated for use with Xylocaine (Lidocaine), designed to deliver local anesthesia completely needle free.

Quick and
Easy to Use

Pain Free


Helps Improve
Patient Satisfaction

J-Tip delivers anesthesia within a fraction of a second completely needle free and virtually pain free. Medication takes 1-2 minutes to take effect and lasts for 15-20 minutes thereafter.

How Does it Work?

J-Tip’s innovative technology uses CO₂ gas to create a fine stream of liquid anesthesia which is able to pass through the skin and into the subcutaneous tissue. The CO₂ gas does not come into contact with the medication and is exhausted from the device once the injection has been given. Jet injection technology is able to create a spray like pattern of medication once inside the subcutaneous tissue, which allows for broad dispersion and quick absorption.

Importance of Procedural Pain Management

Managing procedural pain and anxiety from the start of a patient’s experience will go a long way towards positively impacting patient satisfaction, especially if the patient knows their caregivers are doing everything they can to reduce pain and improve their experience. Procedural pain management is more than a choice made by compassionate caregivers, its importance can also affect a hospital’s bottom line.

Pain management is one of nine topics assessed by the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems survey (HCAHPS), a quantitative tool used to assess patient satisfaction required by the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) where higher patient satisfaction ratings can qualify hospitals for higher reimbursement rates.¹

By using needleless pain management tools like the J-Tip, in combination with good communication and an emphasis on compassion, healthcare providers can help increase patient satisfaction which can also lead to improved HCAHPS scores.

Look up your Hospital's HCAHPS Scores Here: http://Medicare.gov/hospitalcompare.

What People are Saying About the J-Tip

  • "My daughter has been sick and has had several blood draws as of recent.  She has a severe needle anxiety and has been known to hit or kick the healthcare provider.  We were recently in the ER and were lucky to have the experience of the use of a J-Tip.  It was a life changer and she is no longer afraid.  I think these should be readily available for both children and adults with fears of needles.  I work in the healthcare field and could see this being very beneficial.  I wish I could carry these in my purse for when they are not available! I am a true believer in the J-Tip!"

    Katherine C., Parent

  • "The J-Tip makes a huge difference in how a child responds to pain, specifically in the Emergency Department. As a Child Life Specialist, it gives me comfort and confidence knowing that we can help take almost all anxiety and fear away from these children during our most common, difficult procedures with the help of the J-Tip. When used correctly J-Tip can change a child's entire idea and experience of what an IV or poke feels like. We gain trust from our little patients and help their parents feel at ease when they know that we do not want their child in pain, when we offer and use the J-Tip."

    Lauren R., Child Life Specialist

  • "I used a J-Tip on a 6-year-old boy who needed a blood draw. Not only did he remain still but he didn't even wince throughout the procedure. The use of a J-Tip takes the pain out of IV insertions for kids and decreases their anxiety, which results in better memories from their experience. I can honestly say that kids don't feel pain from IV insertion when a J-Tip is used properly. I don't know why anyone would start an IV on a pediatric patient without using a J-Tip."

    John F., Emergency Nurse

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About Us

The J-Tip Needle Free Injector was developed by National Medical Products, Inc. in Irvine, California in 2001. National Medical Products continuously refined the concept of jet injection, a technology previously used by the military to deliver vaccines. By taking into consideration the depth of injection, energy source, ease of use, and sterility, National Medical Products was able to create a self contained, single use, sterile, subcutaneous jet injector we now know as the J-Tip.

The team behind National Medical Products and the J-Tip include individuals with decades of experience in medical device development, injection molding, automation, and packaging. Many team members have been with the company since day one and are experts in the field of jet injection. The J-Tip has a U.S. FDA 510(k) marketing clearance and is 100% made in the U.S.A.