“My daughter has been sick and has had several blood draws as of recent.  She has a severe needle anxiety and has been known to hit or kick the healthcare provider.  We were recently in the ER and were lucky to have the experience of the use of a J-Tip.  It was a life changer and she is no longer afraid.  I think these should be readily available for both children and adults with fears of needles.  I work in the healthcare field and could see this being very beneficial.  I wish I could carry these in my purse for when they are not available! I am a true believer in the J-Tip!”

Katherine C., Parent

“The J-Tip makes a huge difference in how a child responds to pain, specifically in the Emergency Department. As a Child Life Specialist, it gives me comfort and confidence knowing that we can help take almost all anxiety and fear away from these children during our most common, difficult procedures with the help of the J-Tip. When used correctly J-Tip can change a child’s entire idea and experience of what an IV or poke feels like. We gain trust from our little patients and help their parents feel at ease when they know that we do not want their child in pain, when we offer and use the J-Tip.”

Lauren R., Child Life Specialist

“I used a J-Tip on a 6-year-old boy who needed a blood draw. Not only did he remain still but he didn’t even wince throughout the procedure. The use of a J-Tip takes the pain out of IV insertions for kids and decreases their anxiety, which results in better memories from their experience. I can honestly say that kids don’t feel pain from IV insertion when a J-Tip is used properly. I don’t know why anyone would start an IV on a pediatric patient without using a J-Tip.”

John F., Emergency Nurse

“I want to take a moment to thank your company for making the J-Tip.   Ten years ago, my 15-year-old son was diagnosed with a brain tumor.   The first experience he had getting an IV was a nightmare.  I was out signing papers to admit him into the hospital and when I walked back into the room everyone was quiet.  There was my son sitting on the corner of the bed sobbing and holding his hand.  When I asked, what was going on I was told the nurse was trying to insert the IV and kept moving it around.   As his mother, you can imagine the anger I felt.   I was angry with the nurse for being so rough and I was angry because with technology today why should anyone (especially children) feel any pain from an IV?  There should be something out there that can be used prior to an IV being inserted so the patient feels nothing.”

“When my son went in for an annual MRI he was expecting the nurse to use the numbing spray but she had the J-Tip this time.  The spray helped because it would numb the top surface of the skin but my son still felt the needle.  The nurse explained what the J-Tip was and my son said he was apprehensive thinking “how is that thing going to prevent me from feeling any pain?”  So, the nurse used the J-Tip prior to inserting the IV and my son said he felt absolutely nothing.  As soon as he came out to the waiting room he started telling me about the J-Tip.”

“My hope is that ALL hospitals will start using your product.   Emotions are already high when a patient is in a hospital.   There is no reason that anyone should have to feel pain getting an IV.   I can’t thank you enough for making such a wonderful product.”

Mary W., Parent