Children benefit from Via Christi nurse’s pain management efforts.

The Wichita Eagle, February 2016

Clinical nurse specialist Wendy Mosiman shares her breakthrough experience with the J-Tip and how it has positively impacted her patients with needle phobia. Through years of study on pain management in adults and children and the potential long lasting traumatic effects of needle fear, Wendy uncovered how beneficial a quick, needle free option like the J-Tip can be when it comes to routine needle procedures.

Approach to local anesthesia in children.

Applied Radiology, June 2016

Radiologists Dr. Towbin, Dr. Aria and Pre-Med student Ben Fox give their detailed analysis and recommendation of local anesthesia pediatric pain management options for routine procedures. After comparing warmed, buffered 1% lidocaine in a traditional syringe, EMLA cream, and the J-Tip with 1% lidocaine, they determined that the J-Tip Needle Free Injector is the most optimal option before all local anesthesia injections.

Increasing J-Tip Utilization for IV Placement-Related Pain Management in the ED: A Quality Improvement Project

American Academy of Pediatrics, October 2015

Clinicians in the ED at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO conducted an assessment to evaluate increased usage of the J-Tip and to determine whether the J-Tip was associated with a decrease in successful IV starts. After 7 months of evaluation, the usage of the J-Tip within the ED increased from 11% to 54% on IV placements and was found to have a higher success rate on the first attempt for IV placement than without it.

Topical Anesthesia Use in Children

US Pharmacist, March 2009

Directors of Pharmacy, Kimberly Pesaturo and Michele Matthews, review available pharmacologic formulations used during IV starts and other needle stick procedures. The J-Tip was ranked superior to EMLA in reducing pain during IV cannulation and placement.