Product Overview

The J-Tip Needle Free Jet Injector is a revolutionary
way to anesthetize patients virtually pain free
without the use of a needle.


Quick and
Easy to Use

Pain Free


Helps Improve
Patient Satisfaction


The J-Tip is a U.S. FDA cleared, sterile, single use, subcutaneous jet injector indicated for use with Xylocaine (Lidocaine). J-Tip’s innovative technology uses CO₂ gas to create a fine stream of liquid anesthesia which is able to pass through the skin and into the subcutaneous tissue. The CO₂ gas does not come into contact with the medication and is exhausted from the device once the injection has been given. Jet injection technology is able to create a spray like pattern of medication once inside the subcutaneous tissue, which allows for broad dispersion and quick absorption.



Uses and Applications

The J-Tip is cleared for use with Xylocaine (Lidocaine). We recommend using the J-Tip with 1% Buffered Lidocaine if available, or a standard lidocaine (MPF), as these medications have been found to be the most comfortable for patients vs. regular lidocaine. 

The J-Tip can provide local anesthesia for pain relief prior to the following procedures and more:

  • IV Starts
  • Blood Draws
  • Lumbar Punctures
  • PICC insertions and IM injections
  • Minor Surgical Procedures

The J-Tip can help reduce procedural pain in these departments and more:

  • Emergency
  • Pediatrics
  • Child Life
  • Infusion Therapy
  • Vascular Access
  • Anesthesiology
  • Surgical Services
  • PICU
  • Radiology

Clinically Proven

Multiple studies and clinical trials have been conducted over the past 15 years to evaluate the efficacy of using the J-Tip to provide local anesthesia for pain relief prior to routine needle procedures. The Emergency Nurses Association has evaluated the volume of research available in their 2015 Clinical Practice Guideline on Needle-Related Procedural Pain in Pediatric Patients.

The ENA Clinical Practice Guideline Committee has given their highest level of recommendation (Level A) to Subdermal Local Anesthetic with Needle-Free Delivery (using the J-Tip). This level of recommendation is based on a high degree of clinical certainty and the quality of the research available.

View ENA Clinical Practice Guideline

As Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

1Select an injection site and prepare with disinfectant.

3Slide orange Safety Collar forward and remove orange Luer Adapter.

2Fill J-Tip with medication.

4Press the J-Tip against skin firmly at a 90° angle. Squeeze Activation Lever to inject. Do not inject directly over a vein.

Refer to User Guide and Instructions for Use (IFUs) to ensure safe injections.

Optional Components

J-Tip Sterility Cap

Many hospitals choose to fill the J-Tip prior to its time of use. We recommend the use of a J-Tip Sterility Cap to protect the J-Tip after it has been filled and prior to its time of use. Store J-Tip at room temperature (60-100 °F). 

Universal Vial Luer Adapter

For users who choose to fill the J-Tip by the bedside, we recommend using a Universal Vial Luer Adapter in combination with a standard luer lock syringe to draw medication from a vial and transfer it into the J-Tip.